In Class on February 23rd we talked about how identity was an argument about how art has been about either me, you, or us.  Chicano art or more commonly known as Latin American or Spanish art was focused on bad to good and proud about their heritage.  They also would take words of oppression and celebrate it through their own expressionism.  Many would use this as a basis of initiative to show how far they have come in a world that wasn’t accepting at first.  In 1996 Gary Locke was the first Chinese-American governor in U.S. history, and he had an office that was only a few miles away from where his Grandfather was once a servant.  That adds to how ambitious “minorities” are in proving that they to can do great things in America.

Cindy Sherman was a great photographer that would take self portraits of herself in the 20th century that would make a vision or almost a story in each photo.  This photo above was named Cinderella.  What I acquired from this photo was that she does not look like our vision of Cinderella, not a servant in a household, but more of a business woman who may one day find a good job or maybe even her prince 🙂


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