I visited the Los Angeles Museum of Art today and absolutely loved it.  I have been here before a few times but have not seen as many works of art as I did today.  One of my favorite visits was when they had the Pompeii exhibit.  It was very interesting and made me want to research and learn more about it, just like today when I saw more of the museum and more artists that i had not known about before.  Our assignment was to find pictures that made us think about ourselves and how we connected or how we saw ourselves in them.  The first painting I came across was done by Richard Pousette-Dort called The Edge.  It made me think about how all of us can be on the edge sometimes and how crazy my life is right now.  I barely have time to do homework or clean while working a bunch of hours at my job.  I seem to have so many things I’m thinking about at once that this is sort of what my brain is filled with, a lot of clutter.  I really enjoyed how Pousette-Dart used so many different colors and shapes to show how someone can be on the edge of reality and not know what is going on sometimes.  This work of art was in the Americas Building of the museum and it was the first piece i had seen of his.  So it was pretty cool that an artist i had never heard of related to me in the way I feel these days.

The second painting I came across was a Georgia O’Keeffe piece named Horse’s Skull with Pink Rose.  I have always loved O’Keeffe’s work since elementary sch0ol since i gave an art lesson with a friend to my class painting some of her flowers.  But this piece especially caught my eye because she made something horible like a horse’s skull looked almost beautiful with a pink rose.  Like there can be beauty in death even know that is one of the things we fear the most. How it relates to me is that i just lost a dog a few months back that i had had since I was six and we recently buried him and put a flower bed around his grave, so when the flowers start blooming we can always think about him.

This painting by Granville Redmond named California Poppy Field, was another piece of art that I enjoyed because since I was young my family and I have visited the poppy fields down in San Diego when they bloom.  It is kind of like a ritual on Mother’s Day for my grandma and my mother to see the hillside with the poppies with our family.  Also this painting relates to me because I have grown up in California and couldn’t dream of living anywhere else, because of the beautiful flowers and great weather we get almost year round.

This ofcourse is a Pablo Picasso piece that I have seen before  named Head of a Woman.  It made me think of how sometimes this is how I see myself in the mirror in the morning :).  A little disfigured and like oh my I need to take a shower and put on some make-up.  There were  many more Picasso’s and even though it is hard to see a reasoning or beauty behind his work I think this one can relate to alot of women who feel the same way as I do some times in the morning. 

The 10th of August 1792, by Baron Francois Gerard kind of made me laugh because it depicts a court room scene and how everyone is in chaos here, when in real life court is more serious and not everyone is standing up shouting things.   I have had to go to court before so this kind of made me smile because even though it was for something so little I remember smirking and kind of pissing of the judge just  for the reason I thought it was not that big of a deal.

In this painting by John Hoppner named Miss Charlotte Papendick as a Child it reminded me of how i looked as a little girl.  All dressed up with curly hair and rosy cheeks posing for the camera or in this case the Hoppner.  At the moment when my “glamour” picture was taken I wasn’t to thrilled but now I’m glad because I can look at them and smile about that day.


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