Venice, CA

I would just like to start off by saying that I love going to Venice Beach.  I have been there around twenty times with friends and we just love to walk the strip and go down the beach, as well as look at all the artwork, and jewelry they have to sell.  I actually bought a painting there last year that hangs in my room.  I loved the way this street artist made the painting look like there was four different layers to it with the four different mountain peaks and oceans settings all around them.  As well as this picture I have a couple incent burners and every time I go to Venice I always buy more incense.  My Grandmother actually lives about four exits away from Venice so when i go to say hi either with family or friends i sometimes go down to Venice just for a couple of hours to just walk around.  

Last weekend when i went there, there was a ton of people so i got a little creative and instead of spray painting on the walls there I, ended up spray painting on some cardboard that i found there.  I attempted to paint my nickname, Kels, but it was a lot tougher than I had thought.  First, it was a little windy and it was hard to make the letters look defined so you could tell what they are.  Then I found out that I needed to go over with the paint a bunch of times so you could really see some type of lettering, instead of just blob looking letters.  I give a lot of credit to people who do this all the time, because even though they probably know what kind of spray paint to buy, it is hard to make it known what you are trying to say.  I have always liked graffiti and now I have a better sense of what it takes to create these “tags” you see on the sides of freeways.


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