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Venice, CA

I would just like to start off by saying that I love going to Venice Beach.  I have been there around twenty times with friends and we just love to walk the strip and go down the beach, as well as look at all the artwork, and jewelry they have to sell.  I actually bought a painting there last year that hangs in my room.  I loved the way this street artist made the painting look like there was four different layers to it with the four different mountain peaks and oceans settings all around them.  As well as this picture I have a couple incent burners and every time I go to Venice I always buy more incense.  My Grandmother actually lives about four exits away from Venice so when i go to say hi either with family or friends i sometimes go down to Venice just for a couple of hours to just walk around.  

Last weekend when i went there, there was a ton of people so i got a little creative and instead of spray painting on the walls there I, ended up spray painting on some cardboard that i found there.  I attempted to paint my nickname, Kels, but it was a lot tougher than I had thought.  First, it was a little windy and it was hard to make the letters look defined so you could tell what they are.  Then I found out that I needed to go over with the paint a bunch of times so you could really see some type of lettering, instead of just blob looking letters.  I give a lot of credit to people who do this all the time, because even though they probably know what kind of spray paint to buy, it is hard to make it known what you are trying to say.  I have always liked graffiti and now I have a better sense of what it takes to create these “tags” you see on the sides of freeways.


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Norton Science Museum

On February 6th I went to the and saw many beautiful and unique statues and paintings.  I liked this museum because of the history behind it the most.  I have traveled to 7 different countries in Europe and seen plenty of museums with my family that have intrigued  me and I am glad this museum was bought by someone and he did not have the feeling of charging people to see the artwork he had collected.

This was statue was at the start of the musuem and I liked how you coud see Auguste Rodin Bugier of Calis portray his “Cutting” of these men really come to life.  I havent really studied this artist but he seem to obviously have a pont to what he was going to portray.

This artist known by the name of Peter Paul Rueben grabbed my attention because of how much was going on in his painting.  He had ofcourse many men but he as well had an anger to his portrait, portrayed by the stabing of the beast which seem to have been attacking or perhaps as the “new beggining” in which he tried to show how hard the Gods were against him.  I really like Greek mythology and the whole purppse the Ellite interferring with what the new people were trying to say.

One of my favorite pieces was a statue in the garden.  This piece was so eclectic that it drew we towards it.  Sadly i did not know what artists it was but it had such a European feel that I could not pass it up.  I liked how he chose to use empty spaces to make you think what could have been, or what some people say woould should have been. This artwork was in the Statue Garden of the museum and I took a picture next to it because it was my favoite in the garden.  There was many beautiful statues that were made that Simon thought were different and he wanted them to be in his collection..

This dog caught my eye because I have a mix that look just like it.  This painting called Aldrovanidi Dog, created by Giovanni Francesco Barbieri in Italy in 1625.  This dog is was suspected to be a prized possesion of the Count Phillipo Aldrovanidi, and behind the dog is known to be his castle in Bologna.  Eventhough it came out dark when i took the picture, there is more light around the dog’s mouth and the clouds seem to only form around the tail end of the dog, maybe also meaning that Aldrovanidi saw this dog as more of a companion than as a pet.

And the final painting i wanted to share was this painting by Vincent Van Gough entitled The Mulberry tree, created in 1889.  Ofcourse Vincent Van Gough is one of the most known and loved painter that everyone has at least heard of, and out of the collection here and the Norton Simon Museum this one stood out, because I had never seen it before and i loved the way he made the leaves sort of look like swirls of branches, instead of the clear cut shapes most painters use and have used.

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Owning It & Different Eras of Artists

Monday in class we talked briefly about how people should own or be proud of the work they have done or are doing.  And also what does it take to own something and put your name on it.  Glenn used the analogy of the Lakers and what team member has the record for most layups, I think that goes right along with how artists should be proud of the piece or pieces they have created.  It’s more of how you carry yourself I believe as well like, “yea that’s my art, you like it”?  You don’t really need someone to tell you it’s a master piece if you see something in it that screams out to you.

“It is art if it is work by human hand”.  That could bring up many discussions, how did that water worn pebble resemble a human face even though it was dated back 3 million years, and humans have only been around for about 40,000 years.  I think this is some kind of art even though a humans hands did not exactly work on it, it was discovered 20 miles away from a town in South America, then curated, and I think that takes some sort of an artistic eye to see art in this small pebble.  It also goes both ways, that before humans were known to walk the Earth this art was found and we have sent out 4 objects into space, so that once or if human evidence is gone, later inhabitants of our solar system will see that there was life on Earth and that we made many great discoveries and advances through art and technology.  On two of the objects sent to space, there are plaques with a picture of two humans and what our solar system is believed to look like and I find that fascinating that astronauts have faith that their discoveries wont go unnoticed. 

We also look at many different works of art today ranging from earlier than the 11th century to the present.  I tought it was interesting how you told us that Gothic Cathedrals were to people back then as IMAX theaters are to us today.  Because there are beautiful Cathedrals I have seen when i have traveled to Europe that I do marvel at and think how did they have the tools to make something this beautiful.  This cathedral was one i visited in England.  I was young when i went there and at the time couldn’t really appreciate everything but one day when i can go back i will take more time looking at the architecture and artwork.  I respect artist for what they do and how passionate they are about their work, because it is hard to find inspiration for art just as Pollock did in the clip we were shown in class.  It could take someone weeks to really paint or draw something that would make people take a second  look, and I think his style of artwork is unique in the way that its untraditional but you can still see the meaning and emotions behind every work he has produced.

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