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Today in class we watched a documentary on graffiti and how it is different all over the world.  It was cool to see the meanings and reasons for people drawing on public property.  The film started with a guy named Blek Le Rat, he was a grafiti artists that would spray paint rats and make them look like they were running, because he believed they were the only free thing in his country of France.  That caught my attention because we live in a free country and there aren’t as many rules as other ones so is hard to wrap your mind around the only thing that is free in your country are rats.  Another artist that caught my attention was one from Sao Paulo.  He would do his art in dark tunnels and sewage places because it was a depressing place and he was in a dark place himself.  I think art is an outlet for many people and he said himself that he was going to help out a family that lived in the tunnels he was painting on when he got to a better place himself.  And ofcourse there is the Los Angeles famous tagging that i see everytime i go up there or take the freeways around their.  I think there are some good pieces, but i dont like how it causes there to be gang rivalries over who tags where, it almost seems like “anarchy” as one man said who goes around to clean it up everyday.  I enjoy seeing the different pieces especially the original ones that used old english because i actually drew a couple pieces like that.


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  1. I like how you point out the gangs fighting over where to tag and places belongs to whom, etc. It makes me recognize one of the possible reason for more and more people hate this type of art: Gangs start to use them to make where under whose control.

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  20. Hi Kelsey.

    Do you think that as an American you are more “free” than French people?

    Or do you think he had a different sort of meaning?

    Do you think we get more information and more points of view than other parts of the world?

    Nice thoughts on the pros & cons of graffiti writing. Yes it’s a giant messy culture we live in with lots of competing interests.

    I wish you’d write a bit more, maybe take more notes, and write a bit more deeply about the issues that were discussed.

    Have a great weekend!

    See you Monday!

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