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Matt Groening is an established cartoonist, screenwriter, and producer.  He was born in Portland Oregon on February15th, 1954 and moved to Los Angeles in 1977 to become a writer.  Groening started out with many “odd” jobs such as washing dishes, landscaping, and chauffeuring and ghostwriting for a retired writer.  He first hit it big with his comic strip, Life In Hell, which was shown in Wet Magazine in 1978.  This comic strip is still shown today in over 250 newspapers across the country.  This comic strip helped him catch the eye of the Fox network, which he then sent in rough sketches of the now household name The Simpsons, who he thought would then fix up the sketches but the network producers ended up just tracing over Groening’s sketches to make the characters have and easy silhouette the public could identify.  He named the characters after family and friends, having Homer being named after his son.  In the original Homer character Groening put his initials on the character, having his hair be an M and his ear being a G.  During the reign of the Simpsons show of 22 seasons, Groening and creative partner David Cohen created Futurama which did not last long on Fox but Comedy central picked it up for 2 seasons, then ended up picking up 26 new episodes to air starting June 2010.  Before Futurama Groening did extensive research on science fiction so he could be more educated in making a cartoon about life in the year 3000. As well as being a renowned cartoonist  Groening formed Bongo Comics Group which published and created mostly the Simpsons and Futurama, and he also formed Zongo Comics for a more mature audience.  Throughout his career he has won 11 Emmy awards for his work and I personally hope he keeps creating funny new cartoon shows.

“Basically everything I’m trying to do is an alternative to what somebody else is doing”.

Life in Hell strip

The Simpsons



“Families are about love overcoming emotional torture”.

”A lot of people believe that if everybody did what they were told -obeyed-  everything would be fine.  But that’s not what life is all about.  That’s not real.  It’s never going to happen”.


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Graffiti Documentary   20 comments

Today in class we watched a documentary on graffiti and how it is different all over the world.  It was cool to see the meanings and reasons for people drawing on public property.  The film started with a guy named Blek Le Rat, he was a grafiti artists that would spray paint rats and make them look like they were running, because he believed they were the only free thing in his country of France.  That caught my attention because we live in a free country and there aren’t as many rules as other ones so is hard to wrap your mind around the only thing that is free in your country are rats.  Another artist that caught my attention was one from Sao Paulo.  He would do his art in dark tunnels and sewage places because it was a depressing place and he was in a dark place himself.  I think art is an outlet for many people and he said himself that he was going to help out a family that lived in the tunnels he was painting on when he got to a better place himself.  And ofcourse there is the Los Angeles famous tagging that i see everytime i go up there or take the freeways around their.  I think there are some good pieces, but i dont like how it causes there to be gang rivalries over who tags where, it almost seems like “anarchy” as one man said who goes around to clean it up everyday.  I enjoy seeing the different pieces especially the original ones that used old english because i actually drew a couple pieces like that.

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I had an awsome time watching clips from the Matrix.  I had never seen it before so it was interesting to see what it was about, and i liked how Morpheus would tell Neo to clear his mind because that is something I like to do before i start working on a piece of art.  It helps me get rough sketches down with out really thinking about it.  Then ofcourse I eventually find a focus point to bring my artwork some meaning.  Also another thing i enjoyed about the movie was how Neo died then was reborn as a new enlightened being which some cultures really believe in.  That by letting yourself go and relax you can really find what you want or need out of life.

Another part of the lecture i enjoyed was learning about the discoveries of ancient art in caves around different parts of the world.  I thought there was only cave art in Egypt or what the American Indians left behind but now i know there are many more areas where you can find this type of artwork.  One of the places you mentioned that intrigued me was Atamira, the cave art that was discovered by a father and daughter in 1879.  This art was dated back 15,000 years so it was pretty interesting to know that the art was still intack.

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